Aircon Regas

Centurion Lake Auto provides a comprehensive service for in-car air conditioning and carries a wide range of high quality spare parts for when your car’s air conditioning needs a regas. general service, or replacing. A general service usually includes replacing the gas and cleaning or replacing the air filters. Our qualified technicians perform a detailed analysis of the air conditioning system and the service or repairs it might need, and provide you with an estimate quote for the work required.

Since Car Air Conditioning systems are installed almost universally in all modern cars, more and more auto repair and service workshops offers an air conditioning systems servicing and regassing. CLA offers a special price if you have your Auto Air Conditioner serviced with regular mechanical maintenance bookings. While historically it has been difficult to find a workshop to service and repair the air conditioning unit, most workshops now offers an air conditioning regas and maintenance service, and it’s made very affordable when included in the minor and major service packages.


Summers in Gauteng is very hot, especially when stuck in traffic on the way to work. You surely do not want to get to work all sweaty, after being stuck in traffic in the early morning sun, or possibly walking into an important business meeting not cool and refreshed. The cost of having the aircon checked and regassed regularly is minimal comparing to the inconvenience and frustration of having an aircon that just blows hot air.

An Auto Aircon is a very important feature of any vehicle. Prior to the year 2 000, it was still considered a luxury item, but since then, aircon motors has become lighter and more efficient, and is not draining as much power from the engine as in the past.


Keeping your air conditioning in good condition reduces engine stress and improves fuel economy – a serviced air conditioning system consumes less energy to cool the car. If you don’t service your vehicle’s air conditioning regularly, it’s less effective and you’ll have to work harder to generate cool air.

There is no need to drive around a vehicle with an aircon that is in need of a service and the frustration that goes with it, just give Centurion Lake Auto a call and arrange an Aircon Regas Appointment, or complete the booking form below. and we will confirm.