Services & Repairs

Centurion Lake Auto Repairs and Services offers a full range of vehicle service and repairs

to both petrol and diesel engines in Centurion, Pretoria. CLA is a reliable, dedicated, affordable, family run and friendly RMI, MIWA and AA Approved vehicle workshop, operating from Central Centurion, a walking distance from the Centurion Shopping Center.

You can trust us to take care of your valuable possession. We do realize that a vehicle with underlying problems could cost you your life, directly or indirectly. Directly, where you end up in an accident because the vehicle’s brakes failed, or indirect, because you ended in a breakdown, and was attacked and robbed of your belongings while stranded on the side of the road. Yes, we do realize this is serious business. Our customers and their safety always comes first. We promise to treat your car as if it is our own, and with the greatest of respect.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer. We are always ready and excited to take on any new challenges, meaning that if something does not appear on the list, does not mean that we will not consider the customer request.

  • Minor Vehicle Service,
  • Major Vehicle Service,
  • Aircon Service and Ragas,
  • Auto Brakes Repair,
  • Auto Clutch Repairs,
  • Vehicle Diagnostics Tests,
  • Auto Engine Service or Repairs, Auto Exhaust Repairs,
  • Auto Fuel System Repairs or Service,
  • Auto Gearbox Repairs,
  • Radiator Repairs,
  • Suspension Repairs, Auto Tune-ups and Upgrades as well as
  • Road Worthy Certificate Clearance.

Your modern motor vehicle incorporates advanced technologies and numerous features for your safety, comfort and convenience. To derive the maximum benefit from these features it is essential that you take extremely good care of your pride and joy.

The moment you are unsure or if you suspect or sense that something might be wrong, please feel free to pop in for a checkup. It is also important that you come by for a quick Diagnostics Test and wheel checkup a few days before you embark on a long journey.