Major Service

The Major Vehicle Service (generally every 30-45 thousand kilometres) is a much more comprehensive and detailed task, involving a 2 to 4 hours depending on the vehicle make and model. This is a very important event in the life of your vehicle, and to ensure your vehicle service record stays up to date, as well as to not forfeit your valuable vehicle guarantee. This service should not be overlooked.


Car owners often question the importance of the major service because they aren’t sure what is involved, and the details might be vague. We are here to clear up that uncertainty.

Having a major service done is the best way to ensure that your wheels are in tiptop shape, performing well, working correctly, while also improving its efficiency and safety.

Keeping the vehicle service history up to date also ensures peace of mind that you can hop in your car and take on a road trip at short notice.

Regular servicing is also a requirement from the manufacturer to not forfeited your 5 year – 100 000 km guarantee, or whatever your particular vehicles guarantee specifications are.



The main reason for having your car serviced regularly is to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Driving an unsafe car is dangerous to you and other road users.

The thorough inspection and timeously replacing of worn parts ensures that there are no underlying issues could be brewing and a major service will help to mitigate this.


A major service might seem like an unnecessary expense, however, in the long run, it will save you from the embarrassing and often dangerous situation of breaking down on the road, resulting in a list of unplanned and unbudgeted expenses.

A car that has been serviced regularly also ensures a much better and pleasurable driving experience, you prized possession is always in tip top shape, and the fuel efficiency stays in line with factory specifications.


The filters, belts, tubes and connectors can show signs of wear, become blocked, start leaking or corrosion could impact on the car’s performance. Having these wearable parts replaced will prolong the life of your car.


Maintaining the condition of your car, having services done regularly and on time proves that you are a responsible car owner.

The trade in value of a vehicle with a full service history is also much higher, as car buyer are willing to pay that much more for the reliability of a car that’s been kept in good condition over a car that’s not been properly maintained.

Your car’s service history is very valuable and should be kept safely.


  • A car that has been serviced regularly also ensures a much better and pleasurable driving experience.
  • You prized possession is always in tip top shape, and the fuel efficiency stays in line with factory specifications.
  • The air-conditioner always smells fresh and works efficiently.
  • The wiper blades does what it is suppose to do.
  • The vehicle starts briskly, is quick off at the robots.
  • The gear changes are smoothly and effortlessly.


  • You are always ready and confident to take your boss or business partner for a drive.
  • Show your prized possession off confidently to your new girlfriend.
  • Somehow a good, reliable, and in tip top shape vehicle owner seem to have more confidence and proves to be a person that has his life under control.



  1. The cam belt and other belts
  2. Some water pipes and the clamps might show signs of corrosion.
  3. The spark plugs and cables will propable be replaced.
  4. Fuel injectors will be services and cleaned.
  5. Brake pads will require replacing, and brake discs might requires skimming.
  6. The clutch plate will show signs of wear at this point, and might be relaced and links might need tightening or replacing.
  7. The CV Joints and CV Joint rubbers might need attention.
  8. The steering and mechanism will require thorough inspection, ensuring that there are no signs of wear.
  9. Testing the Shock Absorbers is important, although we recommend replacing them at this point, or at 100 000 km done.
  10. Fitting brand new quality tires and having the wheel alignment done is a nice finishing touch to this very important service.
  11. Of course a full diagnostics test will be done to identify and attend to other items that the diagnostics test might reveal.
  12. An electronic tune up will be done, especially after the plugs and plug cables has been replaced with new high performance parts, and the fuel injectors has been serviced.
    A compression test will be done to identify potential head gasket wear or internal engine problems.


Planning and budgeting for this usually annual service (for high mileage usages) or every 2 years is of great importance.

This is an great moment in your car’s life and this make over moment should be excited and celebrated.

We at Centurion Lake Auto will ensure to do everything in our powers to give you reason to celebrate and be excited about.

It is also a good idea to plan this for the year end or early in the new year. This then coincides with your 13th check of Christmas bonus.

You also starts the year with your loved possession now also refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of this new year.


  • For added piece of mind and for a minimal added fee, we can send the vehicle for a Roadworthy Certificate test.
  • This gives you, the owner, that added guarantee that the vehicle has been thoroughly tested by a 3rd independent party, and you have the certificate to prove it.
  • For us, it is also an insurance that we execute our work 110 %, and that we did not miss anything
  • if you might have to sell or trade your vehicle in at short notice, you have a valid roadworthy certificate, which will instantly increase the value of your car.